Monday, November 26, 2007

Day 61-67

Day 61-67 - Week 5 - Classic - Phase 2
Monday, Nov 19- Legs & Back

Tuesday-Sunday, Nov 20-25- Long break.

Monday, Nov 26- I plan on doing Kenpo X today as soon as I get home. I've taken many days off and need to get back to working out. Lately the weather has been cold and lots of rain. Around winter time, it's so easy to lose motivation.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Day 56-60

Day 56-60 - Week 5 - Classic - Phase 2

Nov 15-18, Thurs - Sunday- I had to skip these days.

Nov 19, Mon- I plan on doing the Legs and Back video.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 54/55

Day 54/55 - Week 5 - Classic - Phase 2

Mon, Nov 12- Back & Biceps

Tues, Nov 13- Yoga X.

Wed, Nov 14, Morning- My arms are hurting so good right now. Back & Biceps worked muscles I wouldn't have thunk. I'm improving on many Yoga moves I normally couldn't do. I am working on the Crane and it looks promising. It's funny when I was showing my wife, I lost my balance and rolled on some furniture. The drawer was not hurt! =D

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 51/52/53

Day 51/52/53 - Week 5 - Classic - Phase 2

Friday, Nov 9 - Skippped

Saturday, Nov 10- Skipped

Sunday, Nov 11- Plyometrics- My left knee felt tight to where it hurted when I did the squats. I pretty much do the low impact version and still work up a good sweat.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 50 - Week 5

Day 50 - Week 5 - Classic - Phase 2
Chest, Shoulder & Triceps

Wed, Nov 7- This was my first time trying this video so I had to watch the moves, rewind, then do it with them. The clapping push-ups were tough so I'll be doing those on my knees until I build enough strength. Tony does this crazy push up where propels himself off the ground. Very nice!

Day 48/49

Day 48/49 - Week 4 - Classic - Phase 1

Monday, Nov 5- Yoga X. I do notice that I'm a little bit more flexible.

Tuesday, Nov 6- Rest. I also got my flu shot which made my arm a little sore.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 44/45/46/47

Day 44/45/46/47 - Week 4 - Classic - Phase 1

Thursday, Nov 1 - Core Synergistics

Friday, Nov 2- Kenpo X

Saturday, Nov 3- X Stretch

Sunday, Nov 4- Core Synergistics

Summary- The Core Synergistics kicked my butt. I get light headed and have a difficult time breathing when doing the Boat and Superman. For Kenpo X, I 've added the Slam Man so I can intensify the punches. There is a move in X-Strech where you are on your knees and you have to go back as far as possible. I went all the way back to the floor and got stuck. To get out I rolled over to my right side and was able to slowly pull out my left leg. I might not go all the way the next time. =D