Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 4

Day 4 - Week 1 - Classic - Phase 1
Yoga X

Sept 20, Thursday Night- This was a fun workout. There are lots of stretching and balancing moves. I had a hard time trying to do the moves and at the same time looking up at the monitor on how to do the form properly. If done correctly, you will sweat big time. I will need to find another place (instead of my tiny room) to do yoga since it requires lots of moving space. I had to cheat a lot since I'm not too flexible. I used my chair and other objects in the room for assistance to prevent falling on my face. The last part of the routine was too weird. I just can't see myself in a cross legged position doing the "OoooHmmm" chant. Whatever floats your boat dude!

Sept 21, Friday Morning- I still feel like a train hit me.

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