Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 1 - Trying to lose 25lbs in 90 days

I've seen the P90X infomercials and it got my attention. The before and after results of people on this program were unbelievable. I had to get this! This blog will by my attempt to detail each day. In 90 days, I hope to be 25lbs lighter.

If you are poor like me and can't afford to buy the DVD set but have cable/dsl, email me and I'll show you where to download them and how to convert each one into DVDs. The process to download and then burn can take up to a week so make sure it's worth your time. But if you got $100, you can win a set on eBay. Another affordable option is renting them from flicketyfit.com. (Update: Do not rent from Flicketyfit! It takes along time to recieve the DVDs and it's a pain to cancel. They don't have a phone number so if you have a question, email is your only option. I got their number from my credit card company and the number was disconnected.)

Sex: Male
Weight: 173lbs
Height: 5-5

Push Up Bar- $8 at Academy Sports & Fitness
40lbs Dumbell Set- $30 at Walmart
Bell Resistance Band with Door Attachment (Red)

Day 1 - Week 1 - Classic - Phase 1
Chest & Back, AB Ripper or Taebo AB BOOTCAMP:

Sept 17, Monday Night, 8:30-10:30- I was able to perform each of the Chest & Back exercises but felt a little nauseous 40 mins into the video. But that may have been caused by the poor ventilation in my garage. As much as I wanted to get a pull up bar, I decided to do pull ups with the Resistance Band which worked wonderfully. I tried AB Ripper but couldn't make my body cooperate. So I have substituted this routine with Billy Blank's Taebo AB Bootcamp which has more exercises that can be performed standing and the ones on the ground are more doable. Perhaps next month, I'll try the AB Ripper when my body is more conditioned.

Sept 18, Tuesday Morning- My body hurts and before this I was working out regularly at a gym. As much as I hate discomfort, this is a good indication that I'm working areas of my body that were neglected. I can't wait to try the next routine, Plyometrics.

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