Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 41

Day 41 - Week 4 - Classic - Phase 1

Oct 30, Monday-
Had to skip this workout and replaced it with loading and moving a queens size bed, weight sets, lots of boxes, and other stuff from a shipping container. I started at 6pm and finished at around 11pm. I had to tie down the mattress and box spring to my truck bed but couldn't get it tight enough without having the rope wrap inside through the windows. This of course prevented me from opening my door so I had to climb into my car through the window and to get out, the same thing. It was a funny scene. I know I could have hurt myself if it weren't for all the p90x exercises, especially Yoga X. I think I'll rest today since I have only 5 hours of sleep but if I can muster the strength, I'll attempt Kenpo X.


Needin' (some) Accountibility said...

Come on! This workout series is awesome and if done correctly (by the book) you'll find yourself realizing the reason you took the time to start this thing! Get your workouts on! No Excuses!!!

Push Play!!!

You've already said how much better you feel after the workouts. Committ and finish each one!

(just trying to motivate!)

DavidJ said...

Just keep with it. Don't stop. Momentum is everything! What time do you workout? Meet me in WOWY. Commit!

NOTW said...

Thanks. I try to workout once I get home at 5:30ish. I try not to workout after 9pm so I can go to bed and feel energized for work. I know if I follow the program exactly I'd get major results in 90 days....but realistically it ain't going to happen unless I win the lotto or inherit a fortune. I've decided to extend my 90 days to just making this my main source of exercise. After 90 days, I'll probably switch to every other day for working out and mixing up the routines. I'll probably look thru my Taebo selections and incorporate those with p90x. There's also another workout that I'll try in the future. Here's the details if you are interested. http://www.abcbodybuilding.com/13weekfatburningworkout.php